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Violators can now pay traffic fines online

Craig Pavelec
For the Logos

More than one NIACC student or staff member has probably received a traffic ticket over the years.

According to Karen Purcell, from Cerro Gordo County courthouse, there are many different ways to pay traffic tickets.

Most violators mail the payment to the courthouse. “It is helpful to put the case number on the memo portion of the check,” Purcell said.

Other ways to pay the fines are to travel to the courthouse in person or pay with a credit card over the phone.

One recent development, and possibly easier method, is to pay online.

Purcell said she believes that not many people realize they can pay their fines this way.

Violators who wish to use this method of payment, can type www.iowacourts.state.ia.us/ and then enter the case type, such as “traffic ticket.”

Next the county is selected, and the case number from the ticket is typed. The person’s name may also be used in place of the case number, according to Purcell.

Purcell said the advantages of the online payment are the convenience and the immediacy.

Paying online also saves on postage and envelopes as well as time driving to the courthouse.

On the other hand, online payments can be frustrating when the Internet is not working properly.

This method of payment also requires the violator to read over the ticket more carefully in order to find the information, such as case numbers.

However, the best advice is to not break the traffic laws in the first place.