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Be tough in these tough times

Misty Fandel
Assistant Editor/Opinion Editor

We have all heard the saying: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ Those words have never been truer than they are today.

Due to our country’s current economic situation, now is the time to grab ourselves by the bootstraps and make things happen on our own.

Whether it concerns our personal, professional or school lives, it is important to keep going no matter what is going on. It may be easier to just quit, but if you do so you run the risk of being lost in the crowd.

It may be a little too easy to skip a class here and there. However, it is a crucial point in the semester and not only do you run the risk of not passing your course but there is also a much higher risk you may not graduate.

The same holds true in the job market. The competition is especially fierce, with recent college graduates vying for the same professional positions as people twice their age.

Because of the competitive job market, you need to be more competitive. The NIACC Career Center offers valuable resume and cover letter help; those two seemingly innocent pieces of paper can oftentimes make or break your chances of obtaining a job.

It is also important to face challenges head on. Confront any challenge as soon as you can; avoidance almost always spawns more troubles. Instead of one potential problem, the situation all of a sudden multiplies and the situation is instantly 10 times more complicated.

During these times you may be forced to take some risks -- personally, financially or otherwise. Taking risks is a part of life.

However, you must be smart about what you do as to avoid future implications.

Be tough in these times, follow the advice above and you should be just fine.