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Mason’s City

Kevin Mason
News Editor

With budget cuts across campus, local businesses shutting down and many people looking for financial stability, the government seems to continually be looking for answers.

Billions have been allotted to the financial and automotive industries. CEO’s are showing up in Washington via private jets with both their hands and pockets out. AIG, a financial giant, even awarded over 100 billion dollars in bonuses to the same people who made the financially debilitating mistakes to begin with.

My question to our new president is this: “Who is going to bail us out?”I feel an argument could be made that pouring billions of dollars into the education system, job creation and other venues to help the common man would be in America’s best interest.

Instead of tax hikes and many fearing for their jobs, the common man could use an economy revitalized through hard work instead of Wall Street whims.

An education bailout would prevent the cuts and layoffs that have become far too familiar on this campus.

Instead of being forced to limit resources and opportunities for America’s young and old alike, the education system would be provided with the much needed boost that would propel us back onto a level playing field with the rest of the civilized world.

The bonuses from AIG alone would make over a 10% increase in the national education budget, and who knows, maybe then we could afford to stimulate minds and maybe even play a little football.