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Byrd’s Eye View

We need to stay positive, prepare

Kristy Byrd
Feature Editor

With the many budget cuts that are taking place across the board due to the financial crisis in our country, thinking about the future can be a little frightening for college students as they assess their present situations.

The uncertainty weighs upon my mind quite often, raising questions such as: “where will I be five years from now,” “will I have started my career,” “will I be successful” or “will I be standing in the unemployment line competing for a career flipping burgers?”

It’s hard to say. Everyday I wonder if I am entering the right career field.

All I can really do is hope the unfathomable bleakness of the days that seem to lie ahead fade so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems to me that with this it would be wise for everyone to keep pushing forward while continuing to do our best.

We need to fight for what we already have, and keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities that may arise.

Another thing we can do to prevent ourselves from working in a minimum wage job after graduation is to not pigeon hole ourselves into one career option.

Double majoring, or choosing to minor in another subject, would be a wise decision.

Being a well-rounded potential employee is more than likely what future employers will be looking for.

The more a person can do the better if he or she wants to ensure a position in our future workforce.