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NIACEA awards two education scholarships

“The purpose of the NIACEA Scholarship is to support education and to give back to the students.” - Kacy Larson

Morgan Muhlenbruch
Staff Reporter

A new 32 inch TV, a dishwasher and an old beat up car can all be bought for around $500.

JoAnna Kraft and Jessica Ott, both education majors at NIACC, just received $500, but their money isn’t going towards a new dishwasher. Instead, their money will go toward college.

Ott and Kraft both received their money from the North Iowa Area College Educators’ Association (NIACEA) Scholarship.

Ott will be attending UNI next fall. She will continue her education that will hopefully lead to her dream of becoming an art teacher.

Kraft graduated from NIACC last semester and is currently attending UNI with hopes of becoming an elementary teacher.

NIACEA is an association comprised of mostly NIACC instructors.

“NIACEA funds scholarships and supports college and faculty,” Kacy Larson, an education instructor and the current NIACEA president at NIACC, said.

The application for the NIACEA Scholarship states that the two recipients must be full-time students who have completed at least 30 semester hours of credit and 20 of those hours must have been at NIACC.

Also, the recipients must have at least a 3.0 grade point average.

After the recipients fill out the application, panels of five judges review the applications and rate each candidate’s ability to meet the criteria.

The top two candidates receive the NIACEA Scholarship.

“The purpose of the NIACEA Scholarship is to support education and to give back to the students,” Larson said.