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Logos photos by Ethan Nannenga (Top) NIACC Night action with the North Iowa Bulls took place at the North Iowa Fairgrounds Arena on Friday, February 3 when students attended the event wearing NIACC attire. The college even provided a free bus to transport students from the dorms to the arena. (Right) NIACC Students (from left to right) Alex Richardson and Andrew Cleveringa cheer on the Bulls in the NIACC cheering section. The promotion was part of a new advertising program recently launched.

Students get ‘Bullish’

Fans gather to cheer on hockey team

Ethan Nannenga
Staff Reporter

The roar of cheering fans filled the rink, with the loud crack of sticks slapping into the puck piercing through the screams.

February 3 was NIACC sponsor night at the Bulls hockey game at the North Iowa Fairgrounds.

Students were admitted free with NIACC apparel and a student I.D.

This was made possible by NIACC’s new advertising program launched by Michele Appelgate, director of Sales and Marketing at NIACC.

“I was approached by one of the women working for the Bulls hockey team who wanted to know if we’d sponsor their team,” Appelgate said. “The sponsorship included an ad in the rink, sponsor night, the first period puck drop, student participation in the first intermission game and a NIACC performer for the National Anthem.”

According to Appelgate, the point of this new market campaign is to “reach families with future students.”

She said there are also plans to do similar sponsorship with Roller City here in Mason City.

“The student response was really positive,” Appelgate said. “We really had a good turnout.”

This good turnout was aided by the use of buses to bring students from campus to the rink for free.

“We wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to go had the chance to go,” Appelgate said.

A few students that attended the event seemed to agree that the event was a hit.

“I love hockey,” Nelson Davis, a NIACC student attending the event, said.

“I really enjoyed it,” Georgina Campbell, a foreign exchange student from New Zealand who was attending her first ever hockey game, said.

The students agreed that if the event was held again they would attend.

However, the event may turnout to be a one-time thing.

“We may hold the event again next year, but we’re going to leave it as is for now,” Appelgate said.