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Logos photo by Deya Faaghna
NIACC art student Ty Miller looks at work in the NIACC Art Gallery. Miller was one of several students whose work was selected for a show last spring at the MacNider Art Museum.

Miller explores career in photography

Deya Faaghna
For the Logos

Ty Miller, a NIACC student, learned a valuable lesson last spring that taking a chance can sometimes produce positive results.

Last year, six NIACC Creative Photography students were accepted into the annual juried Cerro Gordo photo show that was sponsored by the MacNider Art Museum in Mason City.

Miller, who is majoring in Fine Arts, was one of them.

“I was super excited. I didn’t even think that I got one in,” Miller said. “I’ve never entered anything before actually.”

Miller submitted three photos and all of them were accepted into the competition.

Miller was taking a Creative Photography class at NIACC last spring and that’s how he knew about the competition.

“Our instructor was talking about the competition in class,” Miller said. “I found it really interesting because it was just right here in town and he also encouraged me to do it.”

Miller said he took a Digital Photography class when he was a student at Central Springs High School because he’s always been interested in photography.

“In a sense, you capture something that everyone can see, but the way you capture it is personal,” Miller said. “It’s kind of giving a new perspective I guess.”

Likewise, Miller said that he wants to be a photographer in the future because photography is what he’s been doing since he was nine years old.

“When I was little I just took one of those Kodaks and I would photograph the sunrise every morning before I went to school,” Miller said. “That was just how I started.”

In addition to that, Miller has a mini studio set up at his house to practice his photography skills.

According to Miller, who is planning to transfer to Iowa State University after NIACC, one of his favorite places to travel to take photographs is Evans Preserve here in town.

Each type of photograph is different; one may need a different lens and different camera settings to create each photograph’s style.

“I do like the black and white style quite a bit,” Miller said. “All three of my photos that got accepted to the photo show were black and whites too.”

Furthermore, Miller, who grew up in Seattle, Washington, said that he also likes to do arts other than photography.

“I sometimes sketch, paint and also write poetry,” Miller said.

This photo show might be his first competition for photography in life, but Miller said he would like to try to start making money out of it.

“This year I finally have been getting more organized with that kind of stuff,” Miller said. “I might apply to an art center in Clear Lake and also Market 124 here in Mason that might be a link to sell my projects.”

Miller said he wants to travel the world and capture interesting photographs along the way.

“I enjoy studio work but I don’t think that’s what I want to do for a living,” Miller said. “I definitely prefer to do something like gallery work.”